Internships & Job Opportunities

Africa Crossroads seeks to provide:
  • placement opportunities for missionary interns and apprentices.
  • study sites for graduate students, particularly those doing research in any of the focus areas of this ministry.
  • assistance in searching for job opportunities for those who desire to be vocational missionaries.

Additionally, if an African church or oganization has need of a specialist, Africa Crossroads would utilize its network of contacts to search for a qualified candidate.

Summer Internships

Are for whom? For the serious missionary candidate that desires the opportunity to:
  • Observe God at work in the lives of people as they discover God’s word.
  • Stretch and grow spiritually as you build relationships with the nationals in your host country, fellow interns, and the missionaries with whom you serve.
  • Witness and experience the various modes of missions in both the urban and rural contexts.
  • Discover the possibilities for service in God’s Mission and your potential role in it both at home and abroad.
  • Discern a missionary calling.

Where will this take place? Participants will visit countries of the southern Africa region such as Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Travel will be by air to a major entry point such as Johannesburg, Gabarone, or Windhoek and then overland to the various mission points.

When, for how long, and at what cost? The trips will take place during the months of June, July, and August and last for six weeks. The estimated cost is $3,000.00 which includes airfare.

What would such a venture entail?
1. Pre-field training:
-Build relationships between team members.
-Develop strategies for working together on the field and for mutual accountability.
-Research countries to be visited and study assigned chapters in Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

2. On-the-field experience:
-Interact positively with national people.
-Observe the major modalities of missions, ranging from church planting to schools or clinics, in both rural and urban settings.
-Assist missionaries.
-Engage in a “missions simulation” exercise.
-Visit and pray for potential sites of future missionary activity.

3. Post-field debriefing:
-Analyze both positive and negative experiences.
-Uncover areas of emotional turmoil.
-Evaluate future role in the missionary enterprise.

4. Through it all:
-Work under the oversight of an experienced missionary.
-Deepen dependence on God as the supplier and sustainer in every situation.

Apprentice / Volunteer / Graduate Field Research Supervision

Missionary Apprentice For the person who has completed a summer internship or participated in a campaign and desires a deeper experience to affirm a missionary calling. This is often done in conjunction with university level education and typically entails a commitment that ranges from 1 to 2 years. Africa Crossroads would provide the learning situations and the personnel would serve as mentors. The candidate would be required to raise his or her own funds.

Volunteer A role for the person that desires hands-on experience helping people in any of the development sectors in which Africa Crossroads is working. The candidate would be required to raise his or her own funds.

Graduate Field Research Supervision Africa Crossroads will help establish field research sites for graduate and post graduate students studying issues found in developing nations in fields such as agriculture, education, business and healthcare. The supervision offered would be logistical and emotional. Academic supervision would be the responsibility of the educational institution in which the student is enrolled.

Job Opportunities

Are you a teacher? Engineer? Nurse? Retired, with a lifetime's experience in your field, but not quite ready to hang it up? The vocational missionary can be a valuable asset to a local church or missionary effort. If God is tugging at your heart to put your skills to work in an African context, Africa Crossroads will look for job opportunities in the region that match your skill set. Any known opportunities will be posted below. If there are no postings in your field, a search can be initiated by sending your resume or C.V. and a letter expressing your interests. Postings will be removed when known to have been filled.



1. Social Worker Africa Crossroads Ministry : Raise own support Kasane, Botswana
2. Certified Elementary Teacher: Salary provided Kasane, Botswana